Kitchen Renovations

Renovating a kitchen in Calgary with JB Builders

Renovating a kitchen

Kitchen renovations are often the first type of reno a homeowner pursues. The kitchen is where we spend most of our time in the house. A kitchen that is well suited to your lifestyle will improve your home and family experience. Common reasons that people want to renovate their kitchen:

Working with you

The most important ingredient for success in a successful kitchen renovation is that you and the contractor are on the same page. JB Builders prides itself in executing on their clients ideas and designs while offering useful bounds and advice that only come from the experience of renovating many kitchens. We help clients build their dream kitchen while ensuring the end result can be made within their budget. We also help point out the common pitfalls that many renovators don't notice at first.

Focused work

JB Builders is a small construction company in Calgary. We pride ourselves on doing high quality work, one project at a time. When we're working on your kitchen, we're completely focused on your constructing your ideas and designs. We're not bouncing between jobs or trying to rush through projects.

JB Builders

Building and Renovating

Jared Buote, carpenter and general contractor.

Jared Buote


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