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Professional carpentry

Jared Buote, the owner of JB Builders, started his construction career as a custom house framer. His carpentry apprenticeship consisted of residential framing, finishing and renovations. Jared does a majority of the framing/finishing, and some custom cabinet/furniture for JB Builders projects. We also hire out highly specialized carpenters for various parts of our projects.

Here is a rough breakdown of some of the carpenters you will see on our residential projects:


In residential construction, the first set of carpenters who begin the build are ‘cribbers.’ Cribbers, or concrete workers, form and pour concrete into footings and foundations (this includes anything else concrete related: pads, piles etc..). Obviously a very important part of the process, the foundation sets the stage for the rest of the structure.


Framers are structural carpenters who build the actual frame of a house, typically from wood. The framers scope of work starts immediately after the foundation is completed. They build the floors, walls, roof system, decks, and usually install windows and doors.


After the house is drywalled, in come the finishing carpenters. This brand of carpenter crafts interior woodwork. They typically install doors, casing, baseboard, trim, wainscotting, built-ins, and stairs/railings. The finishers are doing two things: adding aesthetic qualities that bring out the design of the house, while covering the rough carpentry and drywall.

Cabinet Making/Millwork

Finally there is cabinet making, which is its own thing. The category between finishing and cabinet making can sometimes overlap, as you may find those carpenters doing similar things. Cabinet makers are highly skilled carpenters that typically work in a commercial shop with state of the art equipment. They build the cabinets, provide a high-end finish, then ship them to site for install.

This goes to show that carpenters come in many varieties. The JB Builders team is composed of a number of these highly skilled individuals. This is how we maintain a high quality product, and without these craftsman, our service wouldn't be possible.

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Jared Buote, carpenter and general contractor.

Jared Buote


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