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What it's like to work with a local builder

Getting started

Whether its a renovation or new build, we approach every project in the same manner. It starts with an inquiry from a phone call or email. From there, we offer a no-obligation meeting which is meant to communicate the general idea of a project. We thoroughly enjoy this part of the process. It gives us a sense of the clients specific needs and interests so we can build to suite their lifestyle.

In our first meeting, we consult with the client about their specific project. We figure out what needs to be done, and how it should be executed. We run through the scope of the project with the client to ensure we are on the same page.


With this information, we move to the design phase. This is where we share ideas with our architects and designers to plan the project. We narrow in on the structural and aesthetic properties to create a realistic render. This is where we decide how tall that wall will be, what kind of flooring in the kitchen, or type of tile in the bathroom. This phase is crucially important for a successful build.

Providing an estimate

Once we have enough information to properly evaluate the project, we can provide an estimate. This shows the detailed scope of work, the cost, and a discussion about any specific issues that need to be addressed before we move forward. Once these things are in order—and it’s clear that our plan is aligned with building codes and city by-law—we apply for permits.

Breaking ground

Upon approval, we are ready to start. By this time, we have contractors scheduled so we can break ground or start demolition. This is when the plan turns into reality and we begin the real work. JB Builders’ role is to manage the building process, coordinate subcontractors, and ensure things are built according to plan. We are accountable for overseeing the logistics of the entire build.

Client satisfaction

Finally, and most importantly, we are nothing without our clients. We take pride in being transparent and honest at all costs. It’s our moral imperative, and the basis of our philosophy. We are completely open and accessible to the client, and they are totally informed along the way. We are in constant communication, providing budget and schedule updates as we move through the building process. We have a system and we stick to it. This is how we deliver on time and within budget.

These are the first steps in approaching a custom build or renovation with JB Builders.

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Jared Buote, carpenter and general contractor.

Jared Buote


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